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AI applied to asset and wealth management

RAG (Retriever-Generator Augmented) allows you to combine AI and content generation. This technology goes beyond access to immediate information, integrating rich and specific context drawn from various external sources. It helps build and leverage a knowledge base that spans a longer time horizon, delivering unprecedented accuracy and depth of content.

Using documents, databases and APIs, the RAG enriches its responses with a multitude of up-to-date and relevant information. This integration of diverse data allows AI to continually adapt and evolve, incorporating new knowledge and maintaining a memory of past interactions, ensuring a personalized and cutting-edge user experience.

Without RAG, AI responses remain limited to pre-trained and generic knowledge. RAG technology, on the other hand, allows for increased personalization and dynamic adaptation to your business, retaining specific information and integrating medium- and long-term perspectives, making each interaction more relevant and aligned with your specific needs.

What is RAG?

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates conversations with humans using natural language. Equipped with artificial intelligence, it can interact by text or voice, and is able to learn and adapt through its interactions. These agents can be highly customized for specific tasks.


Their personalization is reinforced by integrating knowledge sources specific to their functions, such as documents, books, videos, and access to relevant information systems. This ability to draw on data specific to their field of application makes them particularly effective and adapted to specific contexts.


These agents will find their place in various sectors, such as security, customer service, personal assistance, education, etc.  providing instant help and improving service efficiency and quality.

Audit your organization for AI readiness
  - Assess your organization's capacity and best opportunities to integrate artificial intelligence.

Create Proofs of Concept for AI   

- Design and carry out pilot projects to evaluate the effectiveness of AI in your context.


Choose models, vector databases and APIs that suit your needs
- Select AI tools and technologies that best match your goals and resources.

Establish data pipelines and transformations to feed AI with quality data
  - Develop processes to process and prepare the data necessary for AI effectiveness.

Create a quality measurement process for AI, both offline and online
  - Establish methods to evaluate and guarantee the performance of your AI solutions.

Deploy models to production
  - Integrate AI models into your day-to-day operations, using MLOps best practices for ongoing maintenance and optimization.

help you understand how AI works and how to practically apply it to your business needs.

move from ideas to production.

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What is autogen?

Let's imagine a heterogeneous group composed of multiple conversational agents and humans collaborating to optimally accomplish complex tasks. These AIs, as expert agents empowered with Autogen, are able to decompose, assign, execute and validate tasks autonomously in varied environments, even incorporating human feedback when necessary.

Example of interaction between autonomous agents and humans for the purchase of an espresso machine for Sophie:


1. Sophie ask her Personal agent to recommend a quality espresso machine with a budget of $2000.


2. Personal agent contact the Barista agent from Sophie's favorite barista for recommendations and lets her know Sophie's preferences.


3. Barista agent,  consults a Market Analyst agent to identify the best opportunities within Sophie's price range.


4. Market Analyst agent provides information on five  models.


5. Barista agent transmits two recommendations to the Personal agent, highlighting the features and benefits of three of the models.


6. Personal agent then presents the options to Sophie, who can make an informed choice based on personal preferences and budget.

7.  Personal agent communicates the final choice to the Barista agent.


This approach provides Sophie with access to expert advice of her choice and an informed purchasing decision.

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