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AI Applied to Asset and Wealth Management

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To excel, being an expert is not enough – you need to excel in many areas.


Be Useful and Interesting

Let's explore together how AI can not only address your current challenges but also unlock your company's creative and strategic potential. Together, we'll transform your ideas into concrete solutions.

Explore Your Innovation Potential

Nous explorons ensemble les opportunité et projets porteurs où l’IA peut faire la différence. Cette démarche collaborative est conçue pour définir clairement comment vous pouvez rapidement et sûrement tirer parti de l'IA pour transformer votre entreprise.

Implement with proof of concepts and Ai Applications

Together, we design and execute pilot projects to test the effectiveness of AI in your specific environment, allowing you to see real benefits before a wider rollout.

Select the Best Tools

Let's explore together how AI can not only address your current challenges but also unlock your company's creative and strategic potential. Together, we'll transform your ideas into concrete solutions.

Optimize Data

Together, we create robust data pipelines and transformations to feed your AI with high-quality data, ensuring optimal performance.


Integrate AI models into your daily operations. We use cutting-edge MLOps practices to ensure continuous maintenance and optimization, keeping you at the forefront of technology.

Control quality

We establish precise methods to evaluate and maintain the performance of your AI solutions, both offline and online, ensuring reliable and effective results.

Deciphering the Language of AI

Understand the Terms and Concepts
  • The RAG (Retriever-Generator Augmented) technology combines AI with content generation. This technology goes beyond immediate information access by integrating rich and specific context from various external sources. It allows for the construction and utilization of a knowledge base that spans a longer time horizon, offering unprecedented accuracy and depth of content.
    By using documents, databases, and APIs, RAG enriches its responses with a multitude of up-to-date and relevant information. This integration of diverse data enables the AI to continually adapt and evolve, incorporating new knowledge and maintaining a memory of past interactions, ensuring a personalized and cutting-edge user experience. Without RAG, AI responses are limited to pre-trained and generic knowledge. In contrast, RAG technology allows for enhanced personalization and dynamic adaptation to your business, retaining specific information and integrating medium and long-term perspectives, making each interaction more relevant and aligned with your specific needs.
  • A conversational agent is a program that simulates conversations with humans using natural language. Powered by AI, it can interact via text or voice and is capable of learning and adapting through its interactions.
    Their customization is enhanced by integrating knowledge sources specific to their functions (roles), such as documents, books, videos, and access to relevant information systems. This ability to draw on data tailored to their application domain makes them particularly effective and suitable for specific contexts.
    These agents will find their place in various sectors, such as security, customer service, personal assistance, education, and more, providing instant help and improving service efficiency and quality.
  • Imagine a diverse group composed of multiple conversational agents and humans collaborating to optimally accomplish complex tasks (workflow). These AI agents, as expert agents powered by Autogen, are capable of autonomously decomposing, assigning, executing, and validating tasks in various environments, even integrating human feedback when necessary.
    Example of Interaction Between Autonomous Agents and a Human for Buying an Espresso Machine for Sophie:
    Sophie asks her personal agent to recommend a quality espresso machine with a budget of $2000.
    The personal agent contacts the Barista agent from Sophie’s favorite barista for recommendations and shares Sophie’s preferences. The Barista agent consults a Market Analyst agent to identify the best opportunities within Sophie’s price range.
    The Market Analyst agent provides information on five models.
    The Barista agent forwards two recommendations to the personal agent, highlighting the features and benefits of the three models.
    The personal agent then presents the options to Sophie, allowing her to make an informed choice based on her personal preferences and budget.
    The personal agent communicates the final choice to the Barista agent.
    This approach provides Sophie with expert advice and an informed decision-making process for her purchase.
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