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Our Fondations

At NEURALY.AI, every day is an opportunity to exceed expectations.

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Optimize the present, shape the future.

At, we are united by a bold vision that guides our daily actions. Convinced that AI is the key to radically transforming industries and society, we strive to enhance overall quality of life. Together, we are committed to turning this vision into reality, shaping the future starting today.
At NEURALY.AI, every idea matters, and every voice can spark change. We merge perspectives to surpass traditional boundaries and push the limits of innovation.


Loyalty is not just a word for us; it's a behavior. We build lasting alliances based on trust and respect, which withstand the test of time and turbulence.

Unwavering Commitment

We don't just follow the crowd; we would like to create it. Inspired by our mission to redefine the possible, we use AI to enhance and transform businesses.

Bold Vision

We aim for excellence without compromise. Every project, every product is a quest to surpass the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary, setting new standards of excellence.

Pursuit of Perfection

Our curiosity knows no bounds. Always seeking the unexplored, we dive into the unknown with the enthusiasm of a pioneer, exploring new technologies and strategies that define the future.

Creative Mind

We welcome the challenge. Divergent opinions are not just accepted, they are sought after.

Constructive Challenge

Claude Laurendeau is the founder of NEURALY.AI. With a background in physics and an unwavering passion for technology, he has always stood out for his ability to create and market innovative products.
Before founding NEURALY.AI, Claude launched softTarget, a company that was later acquired by Croesus Financial. Leading an exceptional team, he developed an intelligent and revolutionary solution for the complex rebalancing of thousands of investment portfolios. This solution is now a cornerstone of rebalancing for major Canadian banks and is gaining traction in the European market.
Claude sees himself as a generalist, bringing fresh perspectives and creative solutions to challenges. While this comes with its own set of challenges, such as the apparent ease of finding solutions and the abundance of ideas, this exchange of ideas is what fuels passion and innovation at NEURALY.AI.

The founder

Build Together

Meet a dynamic team that delivers solutions iteratively following the 'ship early and often' approach. We integrate a continuous feedback process into all our activities, allowing us to quickly identify what is useful, what people truly want, how they interact with our solutions, and how we can improve them.


Every day, every iteration, is an opportunity to innovate and enhance our products and services.

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